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Surfing Rote, Indonesia

Far away from the crowds of Bali is Rote island. Betqween Sumba And Timor in Nusa Tengrarra Timor.

The Main surf spot is T-land. A long left hander that can handdle waves up to 5 x overhead. Nomrall there are 3 or 4 different sections and peaks, therefore cowds are never too much of an issue



surfing tland

More info at WaveHaven Rote Surf Accommodation

Surfing Rote, Indonesia

Surfing Padang Padang
8 10 0 1
Remote, long fun left hand wves
Surfing Padang Padang a surf & travel guide
Total Score
  • Lenght of ride
    10/10 The best
  • Wave quality
    8/10 Very good
  • Consistency
    8/10 Very good
  • Crowd levels
    7/10 Good
  • Easy of getting there
    5/10 Neutral
  • For beginners
    3/10 Bad
  • For intermediate surfers
    8/10 Very good
  • For advanced surfers
    9/10 Amazing
  • Fun Factor
    9/10 Amazing

The Good

  • Long Waves
  • Stunning scenery
  • Safe
  • Different peaks
  • Uncrowded

The Bad

  • Travel time to Rote
  • Boat access requirerd
  • No beach breaks

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