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Surfing New Zealand

“Lost Track New Zealand” takes you on a journey of a lifetime through the remote wilderness of New Zealand in search of perfect waves and life long memories.

Follow surfer Torren Martyn and film maker Ishka Folkwell as they embark on a three month motorbike adventure into the depths of this great southern land. After carefully customising Royal Enfield motorcycles to carry surfboards and all the essentials, Torren and Ishka battle the elements as they ride through storms, survive near death experiences and experience moments of bliss, all on a quest to escape into nature and ride perfect waves.

In this feature film produced by needessentials, filmmaker Ishka Folkwell captures Torren’s timeless surfing against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth. Set to an outstanding original soundtrack composed by Headland and Nick Bampton.

Lost Track New Zealand allows you to ride along on an epic adventure and reminds us that although life has its highs and lows, if you can ride those waves you’ll always find contentment in a deep connection with nature and the ocean.

For more films visit www.needessentials.com

We have just spend the last few weeks at 81 Palms Boutique Hotel Rote. Located on the beach in Nemberala, Rote, 81 Palms offers views over 3 different surf spots. including the fable T-Land. Highly recommended!

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