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Some places we visited in the last few years, but some is original content from 1997 when GlobalSurfers started so keep in mind that prices will probably have changed.

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Bali has been on the surfers maps for the last 30 years, and for a good reason. It truly is an island designed for surfers: Top quality waves, friendly people, lots of things to do when you want to get your bodu a break from surfing'"



Flights go to Denpasar airport, major airlines fly to Bali, with 1 stop in the middle east or asia for refuelling. Direct and cheap flights from Australia and New Zealnd



It has gotten bussier on the roads in Bali in the last decade. Base yourself where you want to surf. If You want to surf some of the best waves that bali has to offer, stay in the Bukit. If you want to party and surf mellow beaches, stay in Kuta / Seminyak or Canggu area



Bahasa Indonesia, but most locals speak fluent English ( with an ozzie accent)


Bali surfing


Year round top waves. Biggest and most consistent season is from April to November, with offshore winds on the west coast. Other months, the east coast is better


Getting around:

rent a moped and hire a local surf guide in Bali


Cost of living:

It can be as cheap as a few dollars per day to survive your surf holiday to Bali or as expensive if you want the full western style comforts. Whatever your budget and travel style is, bali can cater for you.


What to take for a surf trip to Bali:

As little as possible, a surfboard, medic kit for reef cuts and some clothes for the first few days. There's lots of surf shops in Bali, and finding a bargain surfboard second hand is easy

surfing bali



-Wordclass waves
-Great cheap food
-Lots of different cultures
-Easy airport access
-Good medical facilities
-Great nightlife
-Friendly locals
-Secret spots are still to be found


- Reef cuts
- Crowds in high season at the well know spots


Bali's top well knows surf spots:

Awesome long perfectly shaped left hander. Barrels, but also has big open walls to carve. The most consistent surf spot in Bali.
Suitable for: Intermediate and experts

Padang Padang
Perfect left hand barrel, needs a good swell to be a long barrel, on smaller days, it still barrels, but it's a short ride over shallow reef
Suitable for: Experts

Padang Padang rights
Mellow inside wave, ideal for beginners and intermediates

Perfect left hander, but frustartingly difficult for long rides as the name suggests.
Suitable for: Intermediate and experts

Bali surfing


Perfect wave machine like left hander over s shallow reef. Crowded and small take off zone
Suitable for: Experts

Fun a frame reef break, good fun for surfers of all levels and all styles of surf board

Long left hander, needs a bit of swell to create long walls that are super fun with the occasional barrel.
Suitable for: Intermediate and experts surfers.

Kuta beach and reef.
The beach is perfect for your first surf lessons, the reef is a boat ride away and perfect for intermediates to experience surfging over reef for the first time. Best in the mornings to beat the crowds and the wind.

Canggu / Old mans / Batu Balong
Fun waves for intermediate surfers. Has been getting crowded in the last couple of years.


There are many many more surf spots in Bali, have a look at these pages:

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Or check out WaveHaven a new Bali surf camp / surf resort that is opening in 2016 in Bali

Yago Dora Indo session 2015 from AprimoreSurf on Vimeo.