Lighthouse Beach
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Discription of surf spot: Lighthouse Beach, Nigeria

You'd be nuts to travel here on a surf mission (it's nigeria after all - ghana is a safer west african surfari 4 shure). but if you're in lagos when the northerly harmattans are blowing (oct-feb i think) and you have a board, head for lighthouse. it could also be good at other times of year too, first thing in the morning. with offshores and a good south swell the place can get like hossegor with palms instead of pines. peaks litter a beach which goes further west than you can see. when the predominant sw winds blow the whole beach closes out - head to tarkwa for shelter if there's a se swell. you can maybe get a room in tarkwa but if you don't have friends to stay with in lagos you shouldn't be there in the first place!

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Type of Wave beach break 
Direction left and right 
Bottom sand 
Level Intermediate 
Crowds an empty line-up 
Hazards rips, hammerheads 
Lenght 50-100 meters lenght 
Places to stay no accomodation  
Nearest big city Lagos 
Nearest airport Lagos 
Other stuff to see & do drink gulder lager and have a pot bellied pig killed for a barbecue at tarkwa bay.  
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