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Discription of surf spot: Bourail, New Caledonia

You can ride a left or a right hander wave, as you prefer. It depends of witch area of the reef you are on. It's a very good, powerful wave that barrels all the time! You can ride barrels of 100 m long! But if the wave is big, you better to have a quite good surf level.(reef break.) You have got to take a boat to get to the spot,the farest reef is at 10km from the coast!!! You can sleep at the local surf camp, eat there, and the "Taxi surf" will bring you to the spot.

Videos of surfing Bourail

Type of Wave reef break  
Direction left hand 
Bottom coral 
Level Expert 
Crowds an empty line-up 
Hazards The reef can be at two foot deap.... 
Lenght 100-200 meter lenght 
Places to stay surfcamp  
Nearest big city 160km 
Nearest airport 115km 
Other stuff to see & do Bourail is a natural reserve and you can go snorkling. If you go to the reef for it, you will be suprised by all the different colored fish, turtules, raies, small shark and the lovelly coral reef! You can allso go wind-surfing or fly-surfing at Nouméa where a permanent wend bloes.(there was the international kite competition at Nouméa in november 2005) 
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