Off Shore, Klein Korsou
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Discription of surf spot: Off Shore, Klein Korsou, Netherlands Antilles

The most beautiful tube ride u'll get in the Netherlands Antilles. It's very dangerous, becuz of the fact ur close to the shore, lot of's in the middel of nowhere, and if u get hurt it takes around an hour to get back to the main land. Sometimes some sharks can join u, but don't worry, no casualties have been reported, yet! Wiping out is bad, that's why this is not ur spot to start learing how to surf. Duckdives are a no no, becuz the waves break so nice in a line. If u want rights, u'l have to walk about 20 minutes to the other side of the island! Chek this site's wow!!

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Type of Wave reef break  
Direction left and right 
Bottom coral 
Level Expert 
Crowds an empty line-up 
Hazards Very close to the beach, always try to get in the tube as best as possible, and avoided wiping! 
Lenght short 
Places to stay campsites  
Nearest big city Willemstad 
Nearest airport Willemstad 
Other stuff to see & do uhm...nice diving. Klein Curacao is a very beautiful dive spot. U'll see Turtles dolphins etc. DON'T FORGET TO WEAR SUNSCREEN! 
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