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Topic: Surfing om Moorea
Views: 11662 Replies: 6
Topic: Surfing om Moorea
Views: 11662 Replies: 6


Mark Greive

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Tahiti Tahiti



Surfing om Moorea

I'm staying on Moorea for a week in December, on the northern side. Can anyone give me advice about the best breaks and the easiest/cheapest ways of getting there?


jock thompson

RE: Surfing om Moorea

Hiya,     just been browsing surfing in tahiti and saw that you were going to Moorea,   Did you go and how was it?  Is there any beach surfing there?  Is day today living  really expensive?   Im thinking of going there soon Im from Australia.



RE: Surfing om Moorea

There isn't really any beach surfing on Moorea- there are (12?) reef passes accessible by boat. It's pretty advisable to hire a guide and give back a little to Moorea anyhow. I've made the trip several times (to Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora) and really liked Moorea. I heard some stories about locals sending guys in and barring them from surfing but I've only ever used guides there and have always been treated okay.  just general FYI: when it's firing there aren't really any "intermediate" breaks. aloha- Frank



RE: Surfing om Moorea

Hi.  Haapiti is the best break.  It is on the southwest side of the island.  There is a surfcamp right there.  I can't remember the name of it, but youshould be able to just pop in.  The guy is fairly cool there.  You can take a ciyak out to the surf spot which will take @20 minutes, or paddle for 45 min. -- do the kiyak!  He rents them there; and if you stay there he might through it in.  I went there @ 2 years ago in May.  I took off on my 1st wave and hit the board of a biginner, which ripped out my two big fins of my quad ... and I had no replacement fins ... so bring some.  That was the end of my surf trip -- big bummer!!!  But the break is awesome!  The few days before were 10' with huge barrels.  Have fun, and God Bless!   Mike <><



RE: Surfing om Moorea

Hi Frank,

It seams like you really know what your talking about with regards to surfing in Moorea!

I'm always happy to support the locals and was wondering if you could advise on how I would organise a Surf Guide wile in Moorea. I too from all the islands that I have surfed agreed that this is the best way to get good waves and to keep peace with the local boys.

Any advise that you can offer me would be great! Likewise, if youe ever need any advise on other pacific locations, I would be happy to help.

My email address is [email protected]

Cheers from Dave is Sydney Australia.



RE: Surfing om Moorea

Yeah, I'm sure this is the break I surfed while on Moorea in May 2004. It is a long paddle with big sharks (luckily, friendly sharks - you can dive/snorkle with them in Moorea, with the guide throwing bait to make a frenzy - a real highlight)

Like all Tahiti, there can be some rough sets, like 8 foot on a 5 foot day. But the channet is way deep, so easy to avoid.
This break was the biggest and best while I was there. Seemed to get the swell and was mroe offshore. Best fo luck all those who go. The paddle is really far...really.

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