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Topic: Winter surfing in Italy?
Views: 7430 Replies: 5
Topic: Winter surfing in Italy?
Views: 7430 Replies: 5



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Winter surfing in Italy?

I am a surfer from Boston and surf all over new england.  Next week I will be going to italy for three months to live with relatives and to see where my grandparents are from!  I was wondering if anyone knew of any surf spots or shops in southern italy and how cold the water gets there.  Also if any of the shops rent boards and wetsuits, as I will not be bringing mine.  Any info would be great!



RE: Winter surfing in Italy?

I am also from Boston and surfed in Levanto, just north of LaSpezia in September and found it to be ok. Actually, I think I was a bit lucky as the swell there is inconsistent. It just happened to be going off the weekend I was there. Might be more consistent in winter.
I am going back to Italy in February and might try Levanto again but would also like to know of perhaps a better place for longboards and one which is also within striking distance of Milano.


scott wheeldon

RE: Winter surfing in Italy?

Hi Dan,
This is probably too late but I live in Milan and given the lack of surf (generally) it's a living hell. If you're still about in Milan I'm looking to hook up with anyone whose interested in sharing the costs over this winter to try and find some surf in the La Spezia region.
A long shot but you never know!



RE: Winter surfing in Italy?

Hey guys,
Unlucky surf destination.. mediterranean !!
But there are waves after the wind stops howling. check out wwwsurfreport.it excellent site for swell & wind maps
Italian surfers are generally great in the water good vibe, but like anywhere there is always the dickhead who thinks he's dominating, flappin his arms around poking his kooky arse stance out trying to do airs and never making them.. there is a surf shop in Ostia Rome.really cool guy at DB surfshop i think..  his name is Tony he'll hook you up with equip without ripping you off.. which is very uncommen in Italy.
I spent 6 months there , lots of driving and pretty small ..
Check Sardinia if you get the chance pretty bloody good.
Good luck guys



RE: Winter surfing in Italy?

Hey Scott, I moved to Europe from Oregon primarily for surf. It was great until I ran out of money and moved in with the fam in the Veneto. Now its still great but I havent gone out to surf in almost 2 years. I would love to have a surf buddy for the winter and would even consider moving to la spezia  or anywhere in the region! If you or anyone else is interested lets get in touch!

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