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Topic: Consistency of the Banyak Islands
Views: 4321 Replies: 4
Topic: Consistency of the Banyak Islands
Views: 4321 Replies: 4



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Consistency of the Banyak Islands

Hi all,

I'm trying to decide where to go for a 5-6 day surf trip, and the Banyak's looks excellent.  My only concern, is that if there are no decent swell will it be small?  It just looked quite protected from some of the other islands.  I'm not after 12ft, but I would like consistant waves and hoping to get shacked out of my mind!!

I'm an experienced surfer, but not excellent.  Surfed about 5ft Ulluwatu, but don't think I would handle the likes of G-land or Desert.  I am much better on my forehand (rights), so could prob handle up to 7-8ft or so on rights


Jimmy Gain

Not sure about how consistant

We surfed the Banyak Islands in September 2012 and at the time we were the only boat there (6 of us). The Bay of Plenty was a consistant 3 to 5 ft. Treasure Island was 4 to 6 ft. Would highly recommend. It is a fairly easy wave to surf but the reef like most places can be shallow and sharp in spots. Some nice barrels were had.



RE: Consistency of the Banyak Islands

Yeah both treasure island and bay of plenty, needs a bit of swell to get going it rarely gets to 6ft, for example if its 5ft then Nias and many spots in Mentawais, will be solid 8ft maybe even 10ft.

Theres also not that many spots like Mentawais, don't get me wrong it gets epic,  but it does need a solid swell to get in there and the swell magnets are only B grade.



RE: Consistency of the Banyak Islands

Yeah, Jimmy and Adam are right, there's less swell in the Banyak Islands than Nias/Ments, however swell direction is also a factor - in small SW swells the Bay of Plenty has waves whereas even in medium-sized S swells it can be nearly flat (in that case Treasures usually has waves). I'd go for 10 days to make sure you pick up a swell as travel in and out is time consuming, outer island spots like Babi are basically never flat so you can surf but as Adam says it's just average by indo standards.

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