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Topic: crime in Barbados
Views: 7240 Replies: 4
Topic: crime in Barbados
Views: 7240 Replies: 4


Jimmy Z

Posted in

Barbados Barbados



crime in Barbados

A word of advice to those of you going to Barbados. The crime rate is far more worse than most of the sites are letting on. I have frequented the island for years and my last trip brought me to the realization, that surfing in Barbados requires a private guard. Americans and more so "American Surfers" are targets for gun carrying thugs. As far as law enforcement, your own your own. There is a good reason why the line ups are empty. Very unfortunate as it truly has some beautiful breaks.


Zed Layson

RE: crime in Barbados

It looks like you have had a bad time, not sure where you had problems on this island but your description of barbados seems very very extreme. My family has been here for 4 generations (long time) and i cannot say there is any truth to this at all, there might be petty theft in around maycocks and duppies because of it being desrted.
I have travelled all over the world surfing and Barbados has to be the mellowest surfing destination by far...

So please explain your experience.

Zed Layson



RE: crime in Barbados

I was in Barbados 2 years ago for the first time.  I met friendly people and I met not so friendly people.  At Soup Bowls it started to rain lightly and my wife wanted to stay in the car.  Before I left her I was checking out our surroundings and what was going on and decided that it wasn't worth any potential problems.  I left w/o getting wet and went to South Point.  Just remember where you are.  Be smart.  Think.  Be polite.  Try to see things before they happen.



RE: crime in Barbados

And what dd you find when you checked your surroundings?

This post dosnt make it clear, the ost that would have happened was someone might come upto her car and try to sel a coconut or a necklace .

So you didnt get wet atsiup bowl for no reason really.
I hope being paronoid is not the reason for makng Barbados seem lke a dodgy place.

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